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Patient Library

These brief articles can give you some of the basics on today’s dental treatments and techniques. If you’d like to know more, please give us a call.

Digital X-Rays - See through dental x-rays concerns and discover the importance of this procedure.

Gum Disease: Serious But Treatable - Although gum disease is terribly pervasive, it's also preventable. Conservative estimates report that up to 80% of people unknowingly have some amount of chronic gum disease.

Healthy Mouth, Happy Life? - If you think about it, it makes perfect sense: poor oral health is linked to poor physical health. How so?

Invisalign®: Braces for the 21st Century - FDA approved Invisalign is the “invisible” way to straighten your teeth without wearing conventional metal braces.

Whiter, Brighter Teeth - Teeth whitening is a safe, effective and lasting way to lighten most people's smiles, available in a wide variety of methods and concentrations for various kinds of teeth.

Thomas Williams, DDS